Renewing North Carolina’s Promise

Renewing the promise of a high-quality public education


North Carolina has a proud legacy of investing in the education of its citizens. Our future depends on effectively preparing students to be informed, productive citizens in our dynamic, global economy. We can renew this commitment by:

  1. strengthening and expanding early childhood learning, and fostering strong literacy initiatives focused on mastery of reading at a young age
  2. attracting and retaining high-quality teachers by bringing professional teacher pay from 42nd in the nation towards the national average, and by restoring a teaching incentive program for our state’s brightest college students
  3. decreasing the emphasis on high-stakes, standardized tests so that there is more time for true teaching and the learning of critical thinking skills
  4. making our state universities and community colleges more affordable for N.C. residents

Renewing the promise of an economy that works for all, not just those at the top


Historically, North Carolinians have embraced the concept that “when we all do well, we all do well.” Sadly, our state leaders have done little to improve financial security for middle-class families still struggling from the Great Recession. We can restore widespread prosperity by:

  1. enabling a strong business climate that brings new jobs to our state and keeps our current businesses thriving
  2. expanding job training initiatives to assure that all those wanting to work can find good-paying jobs in North Carolina’s rapidly changing economy
  3. constructing an equitable income tax structure in which the middle class does not bear an unfair tax burden
  4. limiting regressive sale taxes on everyday goods and services
  5. improving access to healthcare for all citizens

Renewing the promise of a government by and for the people


North Carolinians deserve an honest, open government chosen by voters in fair elections, something we have not been able to rely on from our General Assembly in recent years. We can renew this democratic promise by:

  1. implementing an independent redistricting process, eliminating gerrymandered districts where representatives choose their voters rather than the voters choosing their representatives
  2. respecting local government and the flexibility of county commissions, city councils, and school boards to make the best decisions for their constituents
  3. improving transparency during the legislative process by allowing appropriate time for all legislators to review bills, expanding opportunities for public input, and eliminating the practice of replacing the original substance of a bill with unrelated legislation at the last minute
  4. finalizing the state budget in a more timely manner, and separating policy legislation from budget documents