Susan’s remarks at the press conference announcing her endorsement by the Human Rights Campaign, as delivered 9/15/16:

I want to thank the Human Rights Campaign for lending me their support. I stand here today as a proud, native North Carolinian who knows that we are not this. For my entire lifetime until the last few years, we have been a beacon in the South, a state which has steadily marched toward progress, toward equality for all people. We are home to the country’s finest public universities, the Research Triangle Park, the Woolworth’s, the film industry, and yes, college basketball. Together, we built an economy which welcomes people from all over the world and from every race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and gender.

Sadly, my opponent, Tamara Barringer, has decided to throw all that out the window. She voted for HB2. She claims she didn’t foresee the legal and economic havoc this bill would wreak on our state. Funny—the rest of us did. Sure enough, within days of HB2’s passage, we lost 250 jobs when Deutsche Bank cancelled its expansion into Cary, in her own backyard. Earlier this week, we found out that four NCAA championship events are being pulled from Cary, dealing us an economic loss of at least $2 million. Now just yesterday, news hit that two ACC tournaments which would have been held in Cary are being moved out of state. If we have lost the ACC in its home state, then we have lost our home state. As a Tar Heel grad in a household of Wolfpack grads, this is a sad loss, indeed.

The total costs in jobs and investments continue to mount with each passing day as businesses, conferences, and potential new North Carolina taxpayers take a look at the direction we’re heading and wonder whether we’re a state they want to live in anymore. That breaks my heart.

My opponent is now a johnny-come-lately to the HB2 repeal movement this week. Where was she in March when she had the opportunity to vote no to begin with? Where was she in May and June as the dominoes fell around us and two repeal bills were filed in the General Assembly? Only now that her re-election chances are in jeopardy has she arrived at the conclusion that maybe this was not such a wise bill after all.

God willing, I’m going to win this election, with HRC’s help. I’m going to go to the Senate and fight to renew North Carolina’s promise—a promise which has been broken by Gov. McCrory and Sen. Barringer. I will work every day to make us a leader in the South again, because that’s who we are.